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Bangerz Tour 2014
Bangerz Tour 2014


Van Gogh - Roses


1. The days will not always be happy, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth living through.
2. They will try to tell you that the night sky is full of tragedy, that the dead flames spell out a sad story. It is not a tragedy. It is miracle. Light has burned through space just so you can have something to wish on. Don’t fall in love with the darkness instead.
3. Find art in the places you thought paintbrushes could not reach.
4. When the rain comes down grey, paint the sky.
5.Love hard, but kiss gently.
6. Don’t stop singing. Even on the days when your voice cracks like a dying tree. These are the days you must sing the loudest.
7. I have fallen in love with my sadness enough times to know that it has a pulse that can kill your eardrums if you let it. Never get close enough for this to happen.
8. The birds talk to themselves and they call it music. We talk to ourselves and they call us crazy. Don’t sew your lips shut to make other people more comfortable.
9. I will not always say the right things. My hands will stutter and my words will trip over the person I used to be. But I am trying.
10. I am going to love you forever, even if I forget to hold you some days.
11. If I ever tell you not to leave, it isn’t because I don’t trust you. It’s because I am scared you won’t come back.
12. Please promise to come back. You don’t have to promise to stay. But please come back.

Y.Z, For my future daughter (via rustyvoices)